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A new casting breakdown for DC Universe's upcoming Doom Patrol TV show revealed information about three original characters unique to the reality of the show: a gay Air Force ground crew chief, an ex-Nazi scientist and a relative of Larry Trainor, the Negative Man.

Spinning out of the upcoming Titans television series, Doom Patrol will detail the adventures of DC Comics' "World's Strangest Heroes." Most of the show's core cast has already been determined, with Brendan Fraser set to voice Cliff Steele aka. Robotman, Jovian Wade as Victor Stone aka. Cyborg, Diane Guerrero as Crazy Jane, April Bowlby as Rita Farr aka Elasti-Woman and Dwain Murphy set to play Larry Trainor aka. Negative Man. This leaves the team leader, Dr. Niles Caulder, as the only main character not yet cast, though rumor has it that Kelsey Grammer is considering the part.

That Hashtag Show reported upon the new casting notice. The original characters, two of whom seem to have ties to the character of Negative Man, are described as follows:

John Bowers - A male of any ethnicity in his early 30s. A blue-collar ground crew chief for the Air Force, Bowers was a witness to a horrible accident during testing. Has a romantic relationship with another male.

Sheryl Trainor - A woman in her 30s who is definitely related to Larry. A distant woman with two children who is now living with the fact that her husband died in a plane crash.

Von Fuchs - A Caucasian German in his 40s-60s who used to be a Nazi. Know as Paraguay's village cobbler, he is secretly a scientist involved with conducting experiments. He has a noticeable German accent.

Based on these descriptions, it seems likely that these first two characters are connected to Negative Man, even ignoring the shared name between Sheryl Trainor and Larry Trainor. In the original Doom Patrol comics, Larry Trainor was a pilot who was exposed to a lethal level of radiation during a test flight, rendering his entire body radioactive and requiring that he clothe himself in lead-lined bandages to protect those around him. The accident also left Trainor with the strange power to release a sort of anti-matter ghost - a "Negative Man" - from his body for up to 60 seconds at a time, during which the spirit could pass through solid objects and create small explosions.

While Sheryl Trainor is not confirmed to be Larry Trainor's wife, it seems likely given the character description of her being a grieving widow and mother of two, who lost her husband in a plane crash. This marks a major divergence from the original comics, where Larry Trainor was single and without children. It also seems likely that the "horrible accident" which John Bowers witnessed may have been the accident that created Negative Man.

As for Von Fuchs, an escaped Nazi scientist living in secrecy in South America while continuing their work is a fairly common trope. And yet, such a character would be in the spirit of the original Doom Patrol comics, which were built upon such classic pulp fiction and weird science standards, like human brains forcibly implanted into robot bodies or people being forever altered by lab accidents and exposure to radiation. Given that, it seems this new series shall remain true to the spirit of the comic books that inspired it.

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