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Tears of a pearl
( my human mermaid)


Daniella is a talented swimmer.

She won a lot of gold medal since she is a kid. She is the national talk, everyone talk about her a
lot some call her a mermaid, a siren and
other sea creatures.

There is one thing about Daniella, she have
never for once cried in her life. Nothing can
make her cry. Even when her boyfriend
broke up with her she smile immediately.

Apart from swimming she is extremely
beautiful like a sea siren. Everyone call her a
female fatale. A lot of men want her but hell
no! She won’t give them a chance.

Janelle is a princess in the mermaid
kingdom. She is a princess who have never
produce pearl with her tears. She is always
the talk among other mermaids.

Janelle live her life wanting to step on soil
partying with human but she is not allowed
because of her tail.

The two girls met and you will find out why
Daniela doesn’t cry and why janelle can’t
produce pearl.
Written by….
Nikky Da queen


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